An Experience

We were founded in 2016 with a vision to bring a unique style of modern art collections using an expression of beauty and creative mediums

Meet Our Artist

My name is Adaeze Adinnu, FounderCeo Fabloz Artistry, a platform where I promote my works, sell them, and intend to expand it in due time to promote young artists. Graduated from the university of Northampton where I majored in Business Management, United Kingdom and reside in the UK. I have been passionate about painting since I was a child. My love for colours and ability to bring them to life on canvas were unparalleled. Growing up, I found solace and joy in the world of art, expressing myself through my vibrant and imaginative creations. At age 5, I received my very first set of paints, and that moment marked the beginning of a lifelong artistic journey. As I grew older, my talent blossomed, and my reputation as a remarkable painter began to spread beyond my city. Admirers from far and wide visited my humble studio, eager to witness my magical brushstrokes firsthand. My works were a mesmerizing blend of realism and figurative arts made with both oil colours, acrylics, mirror, or mixed media and they highlight personal and societal challenges, highly textured and rich in symbolism, vibrant colour palettes, contemporary and energetic, each piece telling a story that captivated anyone who set eyes upon them. My unique style caught the attention of renowned art gallery owners both nationally and internationally.

“Art is the voice of my soul, painting emotions, dreams, and reality onto the canvas.”

Feel the Expression of modern Art

In the realm of modern art, emotions dance on the canvas, inviting you to feel the raw expression. At Fabloz Artistry, I, Adaeze Adinnu, strive to create a sensory journey where you can immerse yourself in the power of contemporary artistic expression. Discover the profound beauty and thought-provoking narratives that lie within each stroke, as you embark on a personal exploration of the modern art experience.

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